Prepaid simcard in Italy or Croatia, which one I´ll choose?

Travel tips – Wich prepaid simcard should you use when in Italy or Croatia?

“Wich prepaid simcard should you use when in Italy or Croatia?” This was a big question that I made mysef before leave Brazil. My intention was to be always connected, to use GPS – I use the google maps app in my iphone as a navigation app – and of course, to make local phone calls.

So, my tip: In Croatia we use the Tele2 carrier, I have bought the prepaid simcard in the Tisak Media store – you’ll easily find this store, and there are some kiosks of the same brand through the city – itś pretty close to the Pile Gate in Dubrovnik. It costs 59 kunas and has included 3GB of 4g(LTE) data navigation and 500min of voice conversation. The simcard fits the three standard sizes (sim, micro, nano). After inserted in the phone, you’ll send a sms to a number indicated in the package  and after minutes the mobile phone is 100% ready to use.

The coverage in Croatia is quite good, even where the data coverage was only 3G, the speed was excelent. I almost didn’t use the phone to make calls. I think I called once or twice to my hotel, in this opportunities it work well. The phone didn’t work in Montenegro or Bosnia, but, itś understandable by being only a prepaid simcard, international coverage is a little too much.

I could use the data package for all purposes, including making skype calls and it worked well in all cities that we have visited, Dobrovnik, Zagreb, Split, Korcula, Hvar and Plitvice lakes. The only thing that we could say as a bad thing was Tele2 blocked the hotspot service in the phone, so, you’ll have to pick more than one simcard if you wanted connect more than one device. Even though I recommend.

When we entered in Italy, we arrive first in Venice, and I asked in my hotel where I could find a TIM store. I found one close to Rialto Bridge going in direction to Santa Lucia station – very easy to found.We choose TIM by the coverage, quite good in Italy. They ask the passport and make copies, this is a standard procedure according the italian legislation. After that the lady cut the simcard with a device similar to a stapler. The simcard cost 30 euros, wich we could use within a mounth. The plan has included 4GB of 4G (LTE) navigation and more 1000 minutes.

The TIM coverage is really good, the phone works perfectly in each city that whe have visit. We use it for all reasons, post photos, videos – download and upload – skype conversations, web navigation. One different thing of Croatia, TIM allows you making hotspot, so, we use only one simcard in all devices (4 ). I strongly recommend using TIM – when in Italy.

I liked a lot of two carriers, if I come back, for shure I’ll use it again.

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Best regards.

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